Thursday, March 5, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 - Scattered Bits: Part One

I've been trying for an entire week to wrap my head around QuiltCon enough to compose a cohesive recap but have decided instead to embrace the whirlwind that it was and just throw out some scattered bits. 
My Sis and I in Rossie's workshop
Beginning at the end of my QuiltCon experience,  here's a picture of my sister and I in Rossie Hutchison's class together - the last session of the final day.   Despite our busy schedules the days prior, we did manage to hang out on and off.  SO GREAT!
Deb, Ginny, Me, Anne and Rachel
My volunteer schedule changed last minute and I arrived on Tuesday with time to grab lunch with virtual friends from far away lands and longtime friends from down the street. We soaked up the sun and swapped stories and pins. 
Me, Pat and Lori
I also enjoyed a scenic and relaxing stroll on the Riverwalk with guild mates - the calm before the storm. Thanks ladies for saving me a seat on the plane!

Sneaking a swag bag peak while filling and stacking them was hard labor (those puppies are heavy) By far, a highlight and honor was hanging the quilts 
One of many Swag Bag heaps 
The day's counting down to Quiltcon were filled with a rush to sew travel handmade and although I was thrilled with my cargo I knew I'd want something smaller to carry around and managed to almost finish this cute purse.   
Finished Enough
Let's just say that stitching happened in the hotel room.  I adore my pocketless cargo duffle.
The "Bee" side 
Noodlehead patterns @ QuiltCon
The noodlehead bag group pic was fun and I'm sure there were triple or more not pictured. 

Volunteers (and Volunteering) Rock
The same being true for the group shot of volunteers.  We would have filled the staircase and probably the top floor!
MQG tote 
I loved participating in the pin swap.  A few fell off, boo hoo.  The good news is that @marci_girl is  kind enough to be running an IG after-the-fact swap for those like me who have left overs.
AMH and I - Major FanGirl Moment
Spending an entire day in Anna Maria Horner's mod corsage workshop was awesome. I've been a big AMH fan for forever and brought the bag I received from our MQG bag swap years ago from Tina. 

There were no shortage of selfies.  Meeting virtual friends for the first time, seeing some again as well, bumping into local guild mates,  fangirl moments.  Torn between "if it's worth doing it's worth doing right" and the spirit of  "a finished quilt is better than a perfect one" I'll post random snaps and tag who I can. 

Cindy, Marci, Debbie and I
Alison, Chelsea and I
Stephanie and I
Kitty and I
Kim, Sherri Lynn, Deb and I
My roomie Amoreena and I discovered as we were heading to the airport to leave that we had neglected to take a picture together.  Being bumped from our return flight we made up for it with lots of selfies.

Amoreena and I
There are many blog posts that include pictures of the quilts like Sew Mama Sew's slide show and MQG winners Recap 1and Recap 2 and Charity so I hope that you've hopped around and seen them for yourself.   

Despite having met a staggering number of people I also have a sinking feeling of having missed so many.  It was an invigorating, intimidating, confusing, inspiring, overwhelming, exciting social overload - putting it mildly!

I'm looking forward to the MQG posts highlighting QuiltCon and of course to taking a road trip to Pasadena in 2016.



  1. Hey Karen, Looks like you had a fabulous time!! I wanted to go but couldn't swing it but thanks for passing along some of the fun on your blog!!! cheers, cw

  2. Sounds like a fantastic time - inspiring, great connections, hmm . . . Pasadena 2016 looks like a great idea!

    Laura C.

  3. So so awesome to finally meet you. That lunch was one of my fav memories. I'm only just getting to blog about it now.


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