Monday, March 16, 2015

Slicing it up on Pi day and Thrift Store finds

One of my Quilty New Years resolutions was to bring a QDAD (Quilt Design A Day) to reality - it ranked right at the top as I recall. 
Well, my friend and I decided to make a quilt together as a surprise gift for someone special. We thumbed through designs and chose this one. 
The original colors were changed out for more masculine versions but it read too red and green Christmassy so the dots came into play.  Although the bottom print is a closer color match we went with the top one, a similar modeled lighter shade that's less distracting. 
Plans had been to carry the same shade across but it's more intetesting to have visual breaks with a pop.  We finished one block our first session and got through most of the second on Friday.

The unsliced portion of the design is a much trickier concept to execute when the strips are diagonal instead of straight like our first block where we simply stopped slicing. 

Aligning where to sew the next strip has gotten slightly easier and our threshold is leaning more towards my "close enough" attitude than then her tendency for perfection. (The lower right hand corner wasn't stitched yet because the bobbin ran out and we called it a day - once sewn it is straight)

The quilt is a basic sashed nine patch with a twist that's been twisting brains!  

Progress is progress regardless of speed and we've enjoyed spending time working out the puzzle together.  Linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Thrift Store Finds

I stumbled across and brought home this handmade doll house with the most adorable woven leather shingled roof at the thrift store.  I'm going to remodel the interior and buy little people figures to go with it.  
Another score that same day was a storage bench that's quickly become a favorite spot for grand girl to spread out on.  She's gotten so careful with the pop up books I can now supervise from a distance.
I'm usually hunting for vintage fabric and old notions and not things made of wood.

Here's hoping you're finding what you are looking for and discovering things you didn't even know you that you wanted.


  1. How excellent to see progress on a QDAD being brought to life. It really did look like you were weaving a pie top on Pi day on Instagram! :)

  2. EEEEE!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited that you're finally bringing a QDAD to life. :D Can't wait to see it!!

  3. You found some beautiful treasures! That doll house ; )

  4. I love that design and the colors you have chosen! Looks wonderful!

  5. I assume the QDAD is a quilt for Dad? Anyway, I love the pattern and would love to make it...Father's day is in June.

    1. QDAD is "Quilt Design A Day" a Facebook group that I am a part of. But hey, the design would make a great quilt for dad too.

  6. Oh that design is so fab! I really love it - can't wait to see it finished. thanks for sharing.


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