Friday, April 24, 2015

Marsala - Pantone Quilt Challenge

Today is the deadline for linking up your Marsala to the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge.
Marsala Quilt - Out of Line
Although I had every intention of participating, unless I start and finish by 11pm the only category I'll be posting to is the Non-Judged Entry for sharing things that were previously made or do not qualify for other reasons.

Browsing around old projects I came up with a few items that seem to be within the color palette Marsala and here they are:   

From my Palm Springs weekend with Heather Ross 
Marsala Hand-dyed 
Quilt for my niece - progress shot
Marsala parts
Flannel backing from stash that matched perfectly for this charity quilt
Marsala Backing
Needle turn appliqué pillow - a birthday gift
Marsala Center
Improv Workshop
Marsala WIP
QDAD (Quilt Design A Day) #240
Marsala Design

It's an odd color but apparently not one that I've avoided in the past - just in 2015 when it would've been nice to have use it, ha ha.  Be sure to check it out even if you haven't entered.  There are familiar faces and it'll be fun voting and seeing who wins the prizes.


  1. You certainly have a penchant for marsala! I don't believe I have ever used that color in a quilt, no even have it in my stash. It would be tough for me to make anything with it, but I'm glad there are quilters like you who do... otherwise, no one would even pay attention to this year's color!

  2. Karen's like "well now that all y'all are finally on board, here's all the cool things you COULD be doing with the color now that you're caught up to me!" hahaha seriously so awesome how much marsala work you've already done. I'm sad you didn't have time to make something this year, but I feel like you deserve an honorary color trend award or something!


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