Thursday, March 24, 2016

Been there, Done that

Color Combo

The Bloggers Quilt Festival has always been a favorite event of mine. Amy at Amy's Creative Side has been hosting it twice a year and I've managed to link up fairly regularly. 

She's mixing it up a bit and has introduced an Instagram version with fun daily themes and giveaways all week.  
I realize as I'm typing that this information  would have served you better last week rather than in the final days of the link up.

Ironically, a news article recapping the fun thing I missed is actually a pet peeve of mine.   In this case, it's never too late to enjoy browsing around this and past festivals to discover great quilts and quilters. 

Changes ahead - or not

You might be wondering about today's post title.  I use the phrase with a tone of annoyance.   

If you're on IG you're probably aware of the recent proposed changes and bandwagon to give ello a whirl. I created an account for the purpose of securing the same name. 

ello name secured

At a time when I've just about found my tribe on IG, the possibility of needing to start again on another social platform from scratch is daunting. 

Reminiscent of when Flickr was my happy place and I was forced to (pretty much) abandon it and stumble around IG "Been there, Done that". 

Deja Vu

Reinventing the wheel apparently happens with the color palette I'm drawn to. Here I thought I was choosing unique combinations for Tilt Shift until I noticed the similarities from several old projects. (Mosaic at the top)

Finish along 2016 quarter one is coming to an end with  only one goal complete. Not much else on the list was touched with the exception of my sons Delectable Mountain and he's given a blue border the thumbs up. 
Blue Border 
Here's a shot of the progress at a recent Quilt Retreat.  The third time it's made an appearance here.  I refuse to bring it again and will complete it at home. 

Progress - again
Another example of having that familiar feeling - there was rain in the forecast during the retreat so I would occasionally check.  
55 and Repeat
I thought my phone app wasn't refreshing but the date/times are all different- just the temperature remained the same.

The next couple days are set aside for making my Layers theme bee blocks for March. I'm super excited about them. 

Forgive the momentary blog post layout, typos and lack of links if you're viewing this before the formatting clean up - I'm doing it all from my phone these days.  Having to access from my computer for that step doesn't happen right away but I am trying not to leave it messy for long. 

For those who of you new to my blog or the festival, here are the previous posts of my entries: 

Fall 2015
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Spring 2015
Goats Askew - Original Design 
Perspective - Small Quilt

Fall 2014
Look Who's Walking - Small Quilt

Spring 2014
Giant X-Plus  - Scrappy
Rip Tide - ROYGBIV

Fall 2013
Tassels - Group/Bee

Fall 2012
Old Italian Block - Scrap/ROYGBIV/Bed

Spring 2012
Catalyst (aka Mod Mosaic) - my first time to participate 

Happy stitching. Happy Spring 

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