Friday, March 18, 2016

QuiltConWest Recap Part One- Going, Going Gone

QuiltCon was an amazing whirlwind that I haven't quite recovered from.

Postponing a blog recap until I have the time and headspace to do it justice is kind of like waiting for the ideal conditions to create and that goes against the philosophy of what I've tried to embrace - so here we go. 

Despite having had the date on my calendar for an entire year, preparing for my three workshops was done quite last minute.  This included spray basting the 3 sandwiches for Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting class at midnight the night before leaving.

Hexi, half hexi  and Triangle precut 

The most fun was cutting hexi parts in yummy solid colors for Libs Elliott's For the Love of Y-seams workshop and finally pulling off the shrink wrap on my not so new ruler to do so. 

Fabric Pull
Packing WAY more than actually needed for Anna Maria Horner's Fan Dance because "options, right?" The supply list said Fat-Eights but I didn't want to cut into my yardage for little bits that I may or may not use so I just brought the whole piece. Bless her heart, she had us bring backing and batting in anticipation of actually finishing the top and reaching the quilting stage, such an optimist. 

Swap Buttons
I debated about buttons for #quiltconpinswap and then finally when I decided to order I couldn't narrow the design down so I went with a variety.  I love how affordable and flexible Kyle is cheapestbuttonsnet on Etsy and they arrived in plenty.  

official Selfie
Of course I had to jump on board with the #HelloQuiltCon selfie because putting a face to a name is hard enough without it.  Once of the most wonderful things about big events like this is meeting virtual friends in real life, but it's also kind of stressful.  

Travel Handmade
Plans were to make another travel handmade before the trip but that didn't happen so these bags served me well.  Since I was hitching a ride to and from, I tried very hard to pack light. By next event, I do hope to have sewn a nice lanyard though. 

The road trip to Pasadena with my friends Lori and Pat was entertaining and scenic and surprisingly fast.  We had a touch of raindrops but not much. 

The passing view

Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of us actually on the road, but here we are hand stitching the binding on a surprise Collaborative Quilt made by the members of our MQG that was gifted at QuiltConWest- but that post will have to wait!
me, Lori and Pat 

I'll be sharing picture of what I made in the workshops and of the people that I got to hang out with next time so that I can jump ahead to realtime again!   Until then, happy stitching. 


  1. I recognize those travel bags! Very stylish they are, too. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. Pretty snazzy travel gear. Makes me think I should finally make the carry-on bag that I can't seem to find. I'm like the Goldilocks of Carry-ons. But if I made one....

  3. Oh man, I need to write up my QuiltCon wrap up too!! It's just so much to take in and process. Hopefully next weekend. This weekend is travel so can't be then!

  4. Oh I wish I could have been there! But I've really enjoyed seeing all the pix! Great idea to get buttons to swap! I think I might try that! cheers!


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