Thursday, March 10, 2016


There were a million and one things that needed done before leaving for QuiltCon but adding two more to the list was worth it.  A while back, I had it in my head to make and mail a minimini to Leanne and Stephanie, the co-founders of BeeSewcial but like many good intentions, it didn't happen. 

Knowing that I was going to have the chance to see them in Pasadena and gift them in person, well that was the kick in the pants I needed.
With so many possibilities on what I could create, I decided on using the color palette from my 2015 month Reflection to represent "me" and the binding color from each of theirs to represent each of them. 

By looking at them you'd think I simply made one and cut it in half, but I actually composed them separately, using parts from each.  

It was a gorgeous Valentines Day so keeping people out of the pictures was challenging.   Don't you love my new Amoral Lovely t-shirt?

Timing for a photo shoot in Capitola could not have been more perfect because I happened to be doing one with a couple of friends for a secret project.
This mural wall depicting the village plays with the scale in a way that I think is very fun and also echoes the palette. 


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