Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Getting Linear -later

My January bee blocks were delivered on time- it's only my blog post that's late.   

Considering Stephanie is well on her way to sewing together the BeeSewcial Let's Get Linear top, I thought I'd better start typing and tell you all about them before the quilt is done. 
You can read more about the January Challenge HERE at Spontaneous Threads.  Her color palette hit the spot. 

I find the underside intriguing, especially with my improv since it is not neatly mapped out in advance. 

Here's a glimpse at the auditioning process too. 

Fresh from my trip to Portland with so much linear inspiration.
Power station and bridges translated to architectural bee blocks.

A selfie of hubby and I testing out my new iPhone 6plus and trying not to get it wet on a rainy river walk. 

The wedding for my nephew was a beautiful celebration and we had a chance to explore a little including a visit to Linda's studio.  After years of "knowing" her online we finally met in real life.  It was such a treat.

If you follow me on Instagram, there's no surprise here. The next few days I hope to play catch up so that the blog doesn't read like old news.  

Anyone else feel like 2016 is slipping away - 

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  1. OMG yes, 2016 is going, going, gone and it's only March. What the heck!
    Love your blocks so much and I love what Stephanie's doing with them! I'm going to try to finish my blocks for this month this week since there's a lot going on later this month. Was kinda hoping someone else would start though so I could clue in from them. lol


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