Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bloggers Quilt Festival: Home is Where Harts Is

I'm very proud of my original design and feel it is in a style reminiscent to the way that I paint so I've chosen it for the Art Quilt Category.   An abstract view from the beach.
Home is Where Harts Is 
It was made for the RXR hop at Hart's Fabric.  Shot cotton has such a wonderful essence and I loved working with it.  The seagull is purposefully a different fabric and not quilted to give it an extra emphasis.  

Sections at a time
auditioning placement

Finished - on the design wall 
I was glad to make a third version of the quilt with shot cotton and love the subtle blue variation that looks like blended paint strokes. 

quilting details

A change of free motion style throughout lends to the overall expressive vibe. 

Sewing the store samples, writing the pattern and having the design open for opinion on social media was pretty far outside my comfort zone.   Having an abstract improv row was pretty unusual for the Row by Row Experience event come to find out and I was please with how many supportive comments it received.  

Binding Bonding

With a theme of "Home Sweet Home" it was easy to feel immediately connected to the project because after all it is located in the neighborhood where I grew up and I've been shopping there since I was a little girl.  
Original Bolt Pull

Three samples seemed fitting for the triptych inspired view from the beach depicting a Seagull in Flight, California poppy field and the Santa Cruz mountains.  The design was from images in my head and memories more so than directly from specific photographs. 

All three versions
I also felt it was important to show variety so that makers would be less inclined to duplicate the exact design.  Since the store sold three different kit options: Kona light, Kona dark and Shot Cotton, it worked out well.  Although they are only 9"x36" each the steps to piece, quilt, bind and sleeve them all took a lot of hours!  

The Row by Row Experience Kits - Photo from Hart's

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