Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Festival Time

Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival  has always been a favorite of mine.  Not only is it fun to participate by linking up, it's the perfect inspiration resource.  Browse back and visit previous entries from Blogger's you may just now be discovering.  

I'm certain of one of the quilts that I will choose but unsure what else will add to this list.  

My Previous Blogger's Quilt Festival Entries: 

Fall 2015 
Perspective - Small Quilts
Castles in the Sand - Original Design

Spring 2015
Goats Askew - Original Design 
IG Mini - Mini 

Fall 2014
Look Who's Walking - Small Quilt

Spring 2014
Giant X-Plus  - Scrappy
Rip Tide - ROYGBIV

Fall 2013
Tassels - Group/Bee

Fall 2012
Old Italian Block - Scrap/ROYGBIV/Bed

Spring 2012
Catalyst (aka Mod Mosaic) - my first time to participate 

I'd love to hear from you about your experience with the Festival or about an annual tradition in your town.  

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