Saturday, September 9, 2017

BeeSewcial May - Bones and Structures

It's time for a bit of blog catch up with the second of four posts featuring my BeeSewcial blocks.    Yes, it's true that Fall is rapidly approaching and the seasons have flown by but I suddenly realized that I neglected to share April, May, June and July so I hope you'll sit back and enjoy a flash back to the recent months gone by. 

Block One: You've got a Shoulder

Silvia's May prompt is "Bones and Structures".   You can read about the details HERE and if you're not already familiar with her work,  you should definitely check out the amazingly talented creator that she is. 

For an abstract Improv Shoulder -the zoomed in view and attempted blending of curves was influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe (an all time favorite artist of mine).  I'm really pleased with the composition in a subtle palette which doesn't come easily for this All the Color All the Time kinda girl.

11"x17" Shoulder
During a visit to the art museum shortly after making the block I enjoyed not only viewing inspiring art including O'Keefe but also the interactive virtual dissection table in The Future of the Past exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

My choice of body parts has to do with the strength we show one another when we lean on each other.  A tribute to knowing friends and family will always have a shoulder for you when you need one and that you have one for them in turn. 

Block Two: It's Elementary

For my second block, 11"x18" I went architectural depicting the front of Soquel Grammar School built in 1921 designed by W.H. Weeks as a tribute to educators past, present and future- the elementary experience is a foundation for childhood memories they will reminisce about to their own children and grandkids. The teachers and staff are the backbone.  
I referenced a painted tile made by a teacher and an old yearbook while creating the minimalistic design.  There is something therapeutic about documenting and sharing a little bit of yourself with others and the opportunity to walk down memory lane was very special.   

It was hard to decide what part of the beautiful structure to use and originally thought of the hallways but in the end the front steps and classic arched entry won out.  The window and glass door details were fun to create. 
Bonus for special meanings and connections is that I found out after that Silvia has an O'Keefe quote on her blog and her husband is an educator.  I can't wait to see what the blocks all look like together.   

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