Friday, September 22, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Multi-Color Improv Abstraction

Multi-Color Improv Abstraction
Slicing out a chunk of time to blog has become even more rare these days but Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival is certainly worth it.  Visit her blog HERE to discover all about the 2017 Fall Edition.  Looking back at past entries gets me all sentimental and I love re-reading them like a time warp. I've included links to each one at the bottom of the page so you can do the same. 

Previous Festival Entries
I've been participating in Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival since Spring of 2012 and made this mosaic showcasing previous entries for a quick visual.  She has started mixed things up with a super fun Instagram version #IGQuiltFest and I've enjoyed posting those prompts as well.  Another change to the format is the simplification of categories on the link up.

Original Design

Choosing which project to write about is always tough.  I've chosen to share my Multi-Color ImprovAbstraction quilt because I love how different it is from the graphic Two-Color versions (above).   No surprise that my granddaughter influenced things - she often does.  
Art Gallery Pure Elements solids is so soft and yummy to work with.  Because you can literally "feel the difference"  I like to use it exclusively and not mix in other brands.
Art Gallery Pure Elements Solids
Here are a couple of the pulls that I considered. Obviously from the end result you can see I changed my choices along the way.   The one stand out color - dark royal blue - made for the focal point fabric.
Art Gallery Pure Elements Solids
"Playing with Parts" is a step in the process that not only I enjoy but was really entertaining to share with her too. She's got a good eye! 
My Little Helper
Endless possibilities, but limited amount of time is key for me.  Here's a glimpse of auditioning how the bridging bar joins these components - emphasizing the orange notch very boldly or the subtle option in yellow below. 
Auditioning Bridge Components 
Auditioning Bridge Components 
For the most part, I kept things simple for puzzling the layout with bars and notches in relatively uniform widths rather than introduce more curved shapes as seen in the Two-Color versions that came before. There is a lot going on with the scrappiness and I felt it would distract.
The Perfect Backing
Having the most perfect backing in my stash brings on a smile - can you relate?  For the binding I kept with solids and used two that were slightly off in color than those in the quilt.

One last favorite photo that I shared on IG.  It was taken pinned to the curtain giving a stained glass look to the flimsy.  It's especially interesting because it outlines the blending of the shapes and breaks down construction.

This quilt is on my 2017Q3 FAL goal list and is the second item done.  The linky party for that will open soon so be sure to check back.  To learn more about it and see the full schedule, check out the Finish-A-Long tab at the top of my blog.

And more pictures from her ballet recital - just because :)

My Previous Blogger's Quilt Festival Entries: 

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Thank you Amy for another great festival and opportunity to discover new bloggers and to all of the generous sponsors too!  


  1. I always love your quilts. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. This is fantastic! I have yet to make an improv quilt, but feel like I need to get right on it!

  3. It is a lovely end result. Your quilt is fascinating.

  4. Very interesting!! Great choice for the festival. Love it.

  5. Really interesting quilt. The shape and color makes me think of the Greek Isles. I need to start trying more curved piecing - yours are beautiful!

  6. Love your palette and improv work, looks so pretty!

  7. Your quilt is a stunning piece of Improv art!!

  8. Great project Karen! Love the colors on the multi colored version and the two color ones are fun too!


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