Monday, December 31, 2018

Holiday Handmade

I managed to finish up the plate and bowls that were started years ago and got them back in time to call them "holiday handmade" for hubby and I.  The design is from this mini from 2015 that is still a UFO and although the colors are disappointingly off of target, I'm glad it's done.  For the underside I pulled inspiration from the recent "pooled color" prompt which was much more enjoyable to execute.

Getting a good photo of the two bowls is near impossible as they have a very dark exterior with low contrast for the design.  The insides are my favorite with nice even clean coverage and slightly different bright paint.

Gifts given include reusable fabric grocery bags for my SIL/BIL and MIL and a little kid sized purse for my niece.  I added some trim to the handle for looks and lined it with coordinated laminate for practicality.

Handmade received include this beautiful card from my son and his wife. It warms my heart that they enjoy creating art together.
From my other son and family, we were gifted this adorable shark ornament .  My granddaughter made the dough herself - the three of them make quite the creative team.

Three years have gone since our dogs have passed.  I gifted to hubby this beautiful paining of them by artists (and quilter) Melissa Averinos.  Check out her instagram feed @weirdcatsforever for details Everyone with fur family, cats dogs bunnies etc should treat themselves to an original work of art.

A lovely hand crafted pendant from Stephanie arrived as a surprise along with a ribbon for my block contribution to her award winning BeeSewcial quilt 2 Degrees Celsius.  So thoughtful.
She also gifted these sparkling knitted socks to me earlier in the year and I happen to be wearing them on this cold windy day so I thought I'd a picture (which is hard to photograph by the way!)

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with handmade love.



  1. Love seeing all the handmades!

  2. The underside of the plate, what I see.
    Immediately, I saw a drop ear dog, excitedly digging a hole. From his rear, his owner is asking "What the heck are you digging for?" He lifts his head up, looks behind him, as if to say " OMG, you should see what's down here!"
    Imagine my joy, when 7-8 photos down, I see him, with a smug look on his face. "See, I told you it was worth digging for!"
    I am sorry they are no longer with you, but continue to show up unexpectedly in your art.


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