Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Best of 2018 Top Five

Blogging has been taking a backseat to Instagram for a while now but thankfully I am still trekking ahead and if you're reading this thanks for being along for the ride!

Reflecting back at my favorite posts from 2018 is a good time to recognize that fact.  Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs has a linky party HERE if you'd like to see who else is blogging about quilting too.   Here are my top 5:

1.  QuiltCon Recap Pasadena:  Original POST HERE
Pretty sure that attending QuiltCon is going to top my favorite chart hands down, every time, no matter what but the fact that I got to display my quilt and received a second place ribbon makes it even more so.  I'm pleased to have included a lot of pictures from the trip.
BeeSewcial Reflections Quilt

2. Quilty Catch Up Original POST HERE
Having my quilt featured in the Gallery of Curated Quilts was definitely a highlight as was the opportunity to teach a workshop.

3. Zipper Pouch Swap Original POST HERE
Swapping with my local guild mates is something that I never miss participating in and enjoy.  I was really pleased with what I made, what I received and the photo shoot of both.

4. Kid Collaboration Original POST HERE
One main reason that I started blogging was to capture a moment in hopes of being transported back when reading it again later.  Watching my granddaughter grow from a baby to a kid in a blink really emphasizes just how quickly time passes.   We had the best time with this drop-everything-and-sew marathon project for her BFF's birthday present.  Letting her take the creative lead and witnessing deep hearted enthusiasm that never faltered was something that I will treasure. 

5.  Gloaming Fabric Blog Hop :   Original POST HERE 
By far the most comments but that's to be expected when a fabric giveaway is up for grabs.  That statistic is only part of why I chose this one for my top five.  Mostly it was because the original design is one that I'm very proud of,  secondly I (successfully) made a garment and lastly it's all documented with pictures from two separate photo shoot sessions which is a real rarity.

I've entered this quilt in our local show in February and am calling it "Surf Crusade" after much consideration and crowd sourcing.  I'll be in Nashville for QuiltCon but if you're local to Santa Cruz and can attend I hope you enjoy seeing it in person.

Be sure to check out the linky party and join in if you're a blogger too.


  1. Wonderful looking back with you! Having your quilt win a ribbon at QuiltCon was SO cool - glad to have been in on the photo taking. And really love your creating with your granddaughter. Mine has lost interest for now, but I sure hope it comes back!!

  2. Congrats on such a wonderful 2018! Great finishes and congrats on the win at QuiltCon. Thanks for linking up!


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