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October and November BeeSewcial Blocks: Pooled and Doodle

Pooled Color 

Pooled Color for Kari 15"x25.5"
Posting two at a time seems  to be the norm so here are my latest BeeSewcial blocks, Pooled and Doodle".  First off, who among us did not not immediately picture a Poodle when reading that?!? Am I right?   You might also be wondering how we got to December already because i know that's what I'm thinking.

Finished and mailed on time (pause for a pat on the back) these wrap up 2018.  I'm excited to be heading into my SIXTH year with this amazingly talented group of makers and am committed to sewing up the quilts in the new year.  
Scissors vs Rotary
More often than not I've been choosing my Scissors over the Rotary while improv piecing.  Ruler free  (until cropping to size) has been the norm. 

Auditioning Parts
Kari provided a gorguous palette a bit off the trendy path (which I appreciated) and some great samples for inspiration of what "Pooled Color" meant to her on this Pinterest Board along with this explanation to guide us:  

"It's organic shapes that are irregular and contain all or almost all of a particular color in one area. The composition is formed from intersections of organically-shaped blocks of color. There is some fluidity to how they join, sometimes creeping into each other. "

My creative sidekick
Since I don't have a permanently installed design wall, the portable one I use on retreat has become a somewhat regular feature in our living room.  Above I am auditioning color choices and placement options.

The upside of having the wall up is that when my granddaughter is over we can share it.  She amazes me with the level of creativity and skill when it comes to scissors, fabric and storyboard making.  Aside from not wanting to take her treasures down, it's a win win.

Process shot
This style of make is right up my wheelhouse so I thought it would be a breeze.  Well that wasn't the case.  I really struggled to control the pool and got all caught up in my head for the most part.  It took forever to rework the composition until I was happy.  Bottom line is that I am happy and so is Kari and that's what matters.

Doodle (Framed)

Doodle 12.5"x 24.5"
Leanne asked us to doodle with fabric for her November prompt. The colors were to be happy and saturated with the "drawn line" distinguishable. Brilliantly, she also requested a frame and uniform size.  Mine turned out fairly minimalistic and with a bit of an areal map vibe.    

Puzzling was puzzling
I could have used all one color for the orange but wanted to add a bit of variety. The poor lighting makes these process shots look strange but you can see the true colors in the finished block.
Oversized and cropped
It has been a long time since I've had set parameters and found myself oversized for the target dimension.  Even though I knew in my head that I had to leave room for the frame, it still grew out of control.
My Birthday New Best Friend
My birthday was in November so I had a great excuse to splurge on a new pressing mat.  I had borrowed one from my table mate the month prior at our guild's retreat and was itching to get my own (pun intended, no I'm not allergic).
Close Up

#BeeSewcial Article 

If you haven't discovered the quarterly quilty publication "Curated Quilts", hop on over to their website HERE.  I've mentioned it on the blog many times and my local guild mates get an ear full just about every meeting!  The mini challenge gallery is a favorite but the article by Stephanie and Leanne in the Improv edition is going to be an all time highlight for me.  I'm thrilled to have "Reflections" included and the opportunity for so many makers to learn more about our bee.


The two blocks that I contributed to Diane's quilt shown below are really special and sentimental because they are the earliest examples of how far outside my comfort zone I would go for these gals.
I can still feel the excitement I had while making the block and having it come together as if it had a life of its own.  One day I should make a full size version of my own to have as a reminder of that pivotal point in my journey. 

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  1. Wonderful seeing your blocks again and hearing more about your process. And I was pretty pleased with the CQ article too!


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