Monday, June 11, 2012

Asterisk Revealed -Sew Modern Monday

More of a modern reveal than a modern finish for this Monday link up at Canoe Ridge Creations. You may recognize it from the sneaks previously posted.  Once again, just like Duck & Cover I'm lovin' the back as much if not more than the front. I think it's the freedom to design that appeals to me. The Amy Butler honeycomb border fabric and the hard diagonal cornerstones really hit the mark.
The back - rotate your head sideways!
SBAMQG logo block by Anne
This wonderful quilt was made as a secret collaborative project for a wonderful member of our MQG and it was presented to her at the last meeting so I can finally post pictures.  Keeping it under wraps wasn't easy. One more FAL Q2 completed - yeah.

FMQ was admittedly enjoyable on this quilt which means that I've come a long way from the fear and dread of that particular step. 

I've been tempted to explore new FMQ styles and have high hopes of bravery on future projects now that stippling feels nearly second nature.The jagged triangle/diamond type and water style appeal to me and seem attainable.
Enjoying FMQ
The front - a classic porch picture
Linking up to Ellison Lane Quilts Summer Contest.
What new brave things do you have the horizon?


  1. Wow! That looks great! I LOVE the colors, and the corners are so unique. : )

  2. I love how all those different greens really compliment one another, but I probably never would have thought to put them together. It looks fabulous! I've been pushing my boundaries this past week - it makes me nervous to try something that I'm not sure will work out or not, but it's a lot of fun!

  3. Love the colors! I would just like to keep up with all of the ideas in my head. Gotta churn through some WIPS so I can get to that quilting I want to try out!

  4. Front and back are amazing, very nicely done!

  5. Wow wonderful quilt, well two quilts right? Front and back are simply fantastic!!

  6. Awesome quilt. Love these colors!
    What a lucky recepient.

  7. I'm way jealous do your FMQ ease. I'd love to be able to try it without sweating! :) Great finish and what a wonderful gift!

  8. oh I do like the back too, but I realllly love the front! Nice!!


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