Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now for the Fun Stuff

The ideas for our Modern Quilt Guild Retreat are endless and now that the venue has been chosen, the date has been set and the registration has begun, it's time for some of the fun stuff.

I've been scouring flickr and blogs for ideas and came up with a few favorites: I want to make a Fabric Wreath to hang on the doors of Fireside Hall where our workspace will be.  For the BAMQG Winter Retreat Adrianne designed custom printed fabric from Spoonflower and we simply must copy cat that idea for ours.

I've seen some great name tags, goody bags and decorations out there.  So many possibilities really - it's going to be fun.

 Bee Blocks complete

When I posted my Basketweave Braid Star parts on Wednesday I was thinking there wasn't much left to do.  As it turns out, adding the white and joining the four sections was actually quite a bit.  Not complaining mind you - just an observation.  I like that we make two blocks for this bee so that I can try out a different approach at various stages. 

F+F=AMSB for Eileen
My first block I left the paper on the whole time which made it awkward picking it off at the end so the second time I removed the paper before joining the four parts and liked that better.

I also trimmed just the inner two edges that are joined and left the outer star point untrimmed until the very end.  It worked well to use my 12.5 square ruler to crop the entire block referring to the horizontal and vertical 6.25 marks and the diagonal line to be sure it was properly centered. I didn't want to risk cutting each quarter to 6.5 and then find out after joining them that the overall block size was off.

I'm sure there are lots of ways to do things "right" - just thought I'd share my journey because I always love hearing how other people do things...  The tutorial is from ADD Crafter and I love the way she used a single color in each wing. This is a block I would do again - especially since it's such a scrap buster and goodness knows I have plenty!
F+F=AMSB for Eileen


  1. Wow that looks amazing! Love the pops of colors. So pretty. : )

  2. What an amazing block! That's a great idea about pulling the paper off when you go to sew the quadrants together. I've been doing some paper piecing, too, and getting that middle seam to line up is a problem with the paper on. I'm pulling the paper off for my next one! Thanks for sharing :-D


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