Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIP Basketweave Star blocks

a bright braid

WIP Wednesday

Eileen chose the Basketweave Braided Star for the F+F=AMSB June block. 
It reminds me of a cross between this block and this one.  Here are the paper pieced parts so far - I still have to add the white and join them together to create the two blocks but I'm feeling pretty good about the progress.
Parts and Paper - almost there
Template and tutorial used: www.add-crafter.com/2012/04/basketweave-braid-star-block/

The first block I made one quarter segment (the printed template) at a time attaching strips 1-13 which worked fine. The second block I did strip 1 on all four papers, then strip 2, all of strip 3 etc.. not exactly chain piecing but it streamlined the steps of folding, trimming, pressing, placement etc.. and that had a much more efficient flow with less mental gymnastics.

Setting up my travel iron and small cutting board right next to my machine was also key.   It was a snug fit and I felt a bit trapped in but I had learned from working on my NYBs that getting up and down every 2 seconds gets old quick. 

I'm going to be sure to oversize the white so that I can use the 6.5 square ruler to trim it to size. Do you ever get the feeling the paper shrinks from all the ironing during piecing? I made sure when I started that the template printed exact but now it appears to be 1/16" or so shy. 

Linking up to WIP at Freshly Pieced where you will find Sukie, her first guest blogger starting us out right. 

WIP Weekly Status Update:

Not your Granny's Bee (added more purple fabric and cut some strips)
MQG/Quiltcon Block Challenge (two done... maybe one more to go)
Basketweave Star for F+F=AMSB (need to add white, assemble & mail)
Wedding Quilt - Old Italian block (nothing)
Oak Tree Improv quilt (zilch - unless thinking about it counts)
AMH patchwork prism (itching to get going again... drooling over everyone else's progress and finished quilts)

Voting Time

 The finalist have been chosen for the Summer Sewing Contest at
Ellison Lane Quilts. Be sure to cast your vote for someone in each category - I did!

Blogs I Follow - the List keeps Growing

 I met Lorelei at the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Sew In a few months back - she's one of the few people - maybe the only person... that I have met in person who is going to Sewing Summit in October so I was especially happy to chat with her.  Yesterday, she announced a Name Change and Giveaway on her blog Mermaid Sews  - check it out and be sure to browse Julie's wonderful shop Intrepid Thread.

Piece Out - Karen


  1. Ooh these blocks are looking great! Love the braided effect

  2. Love these blocks:) I read somewhere that paper shrinks, btw.

  3. Looks great. Very intricate and eyecatching blocks.

  4. Oh, those are lovely blocks, so cheerful!

  5. Those are gorgeous! I love the bright colors!

  6. Wow that basketweave braid is stunning! I know what you mean about setting up the ironing station right next to you when paper piecing.

  7. These blocks are amazing Karen. Thanks so much for the shout out!

  8. I love those blocks! They look so intense.

  9. Really great blocks. Great color and variety.


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