Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favorites and Alpaca Parts

Friday Favorites 06/29/2012

Barely a crumb of my favorites out there this week for me - slightly over-inspired.  

Alpaca - Pillow Parts
When my son was in Peru for study abroad earlier this year the funniest thing happened.  Laurie Wishrun posted a limited release of the most adorable Llama fabric - it was like she designed the line just for me! He was half way around the world and I was missing him. So I snatched some up from her etsy store Scarlet Fig.  I'm calling them Alpaca because those are more specifically the animals in the pictures he posted on his travel blog. 

This was back in January and I had plans to make a pillow for his birthday but instead - he got Alpaca parts.  It seemed just too risky to include fuzzy dingle ball tassels without prior approval - he totally embraced the oddness of his gift.  Pretty sure I'll be making two since the panel will fill up the entire 18x18 form. 

I've got another birthday boy tomorrow - I'm no longer the mother of teenagers!  Hopefully I will make the Oak Tree quilt I promised him before his next birthday rolls around.

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