Saturday, June 30, 2012

FAL Q2 : 4 out of 6

It's Quilter in The Gap Post-FALQ2 Linky Party time and here are my 4 out of 6 that made it into the Finished category with three of the quilts already given away - the Echino bag I kept for myself and use everyday.   You can read about my Q1 accomplishments and High Hopes for Q2 in this post.  Thanks Rhonda and Sarah.  I'd love to win a prize, but like I said last time...we're all winners when things get DONE!

Front Sparkle Punch

Back Sparkle Punch
Front Asterisk

Back Asterisk
Teal We Meet Again - ready to give away

Teal We Meet Again
Zakka Bag Echino and Linen
Echino Zakka Bag


  1. Love your Sparkle Punch...!! And you got your "Teal We Meet Again" done! Good job! I didn't do well this quarter but will try again this next quarter. Worked on two of the four I had set as goals but didn't finish a single one! You go girl!

  2. oh you did good imho!! especially love your asterisk quilt!!

  3. Where can I find the pattern for the asterisk quilt? I love it!!


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