Sunday, June 10, 2012

Echo Splurge and Stash Busting

Echo FQ splurge
        We found out our friend had gotten married and will be having the wedding reception in August -time enough to create a quilt.  This gave me a great excuse to finally splurge on Lotta Jansdotter's Echo line before the entire collection disappeared.

I've changed my mind and decided on the Old Italian Block pattern shown on the cover of Anita Grossman-Solomon's Rotary Cutting Revolution book.  I had originally seen the book at Kapaia Stitchery in Luhui, Kauai and later purchased it without having ever made anything in it which is depressing.

Echo's directional and large scale print wouldn't lend well and I'd prefer to go scrappy, possibly batiks.  I'm secretly not too sad because now I have what I wanted and now I get to sew from stash and cross one more pattern off my wish list and that will feel good.

On the topic is stash...check out  scrappy Sunday at crazy mom quilts.  

Group One Fabric Pull - Purple and Green

Digging Deep

The Not Your Granny's Bee swap had me hunting in the buckets for purple. What is it about that color - it's pretty hard to find.  I'm happy with the mix I came up with, Dan Bennett is a favorite of mine and many quilters I'm finding don't know his fabric.  When I use it in a swap block I am often asked who the designer is.  

Bow Tie Baggie

At the June SBAMQG meeting I was the lucky winner of this lovely collection of 4.5" Bow Ties.  This block is on my wish list of patterns to make one day.  Now I'm one step closer.  

Any Splurging or Stash busting for you lately?


  1. Oh I love Echo, I just chased up every single one of the prints and now have an almost full collection. Can't wait to use it.

  2. oh how fun....I've been tempted to splurge on the same pile myself, but have ended up with bits and pieces. I'm sure you'll enjoy working on this quilt!

  3. I'm crazy about the Echo line and have used it in Old Italian Blocks and Arrowheads. Especially Jansdotter's directional fabrics. Because of the unusual way the fabric is cut, these blocks' backgrounds read in unexpected ways.


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