Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Recap and My Best Of

It's that time of year again believe it or not.  Pulling together a recap is always a challenge in itself but I am glad to be participating in the BEST OF 2019 linky party with Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs.  

I'm choosing these Best Five for 2019  EYESPortraitsTemperature Quilt, Capitola Coral  and Dedicated to Design    Here's my blog post from last years linky party  Top Five 2018 .

Finished quilts
With lightning speed another twelve months has flown by and since a new decade is upon us it feels even more notable.  The finished mosaic above features   1. QuiltCon Mini swap which I'm assuming was my first of the year made in January and swapped in Nashville in person 2. Surface Stripes, this one I love, love, love and will lead to more exploration for sure.  It is among the many wonderful quilts that are (affectionately) hash tagged #QuiltConRejects  3. "Abstract Whimsy" was beautifully quilted by my sister and unfortunately won't be showing at QuiltCon either.  4.  "Solo Choke" 20x20 challenge mini won a ribbon at local(ish) Artichoke Festival 5. "Eyes" BeeSewcial was juried into the QuiltCon Group/Bee category and will be seen in Austin in February 6. Wedding quilt, started in a workshop with Sujata Shaw and happily finished and gifted. 7. Baby quilt, started in a workshop with Kathy Doughty and happily finished and gifted 8. "Nat's cousin Mini" Curated Quilts applique portrait challenge will be published in their mini gallery - it is a nod to my bee block from earlier and my final finish of the year. 9. " Oppostripes" also juried in to QuiltCon, the challenge category - you guessed it - Stripes!

Finishes (other than quilts)
There was some sewing done that did not involve quilts as shown in the mosaic above.  The eight bags were made for our first ever BeeSewcial Retreat in June and it was fun to make the same thing but different for each person.  I also received a bunch of great handmade gifts.  The skirts were an impromptu make collaborated with my granddaughter who had a sleepover and wanted something new to wear.  She picked all of the fabrics and helped sew.  You can see her here with the pillow case she made for a friend's birthday party.  Lastly, the machine cover/sewing pad that I created for our guilds secret partner swap.
New and Progress made WIPS
Last year I had a ton of new WIPS and I'm happy to say that isn't the case for 2019.  1. The Temperature Quilt is obviously not done and shouldn't be because the year still has a few days left to go!  I am happy to say that I am totally caught up to date and have very high expectations to finish it in 2020.  2. "Pantone color of the year Living Coral" was entered into the Top Only category of the challenge.  It's a favorite make, both the process/experience and the end result.  3.  "Maximalist, BeeSewcial prompt 2018" this one was on my WIPS list from last year but I made enough progress puzzling it all - and leaving it in my sister's capable hands that I anticipate it becoming a 2020 finish.
2019 BeeSewcial Prompt "Triptych" 
As usual, much of what I create has to do with BeeSewcial and that's okay with me.  We are heading into our sixth year and I am still pushing myself creatively as well as technique.  My Triptych blocks are not quite together but the vision is close.
made by me Bee Blocks 2019 
With a little luck, I'll get to blogging about the blocks even if it's after the fact as they should get the attention (and explanation) they deserve.  I would also like to make a post about 2019 Highlights because there truly were many to share.

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year,  Karen


  1. I just love your work and your bee blocks especially are inspiring!

  2. I am always in awe at your finishes as I just love how you keep evolving and experimenting! I can't wait to see what you start and finish in 2020!

  3. Finishes or not, your work is SEW much fun!!

  4. So nice to see your beautiful work! Congrats on the wonderful finishes, the QuiltCon acceptances, and the wips too.

  5. Replies
    1. The pattern was a free hand out available to Back Porch Fabric in Pacific Grove and designed by the owner.

  6. Great work. Love your use of colour!

  7. It's so good to do a 2019 recap, isn't it? Just by scrolling through photos, I found many made items I'd missed, so blogging about them was good. I wasn't as lax as I though! LOL. I'm thrilled for you to have three quilts juried into QC! Truly, the jurors picked out real talent in your designs. You are so gifted, and I admire everything you make. I've written my blog posts differently than the linky party - a 2019 recap and a 2020 "vision" post - so I won't participate. But it is definitely fun to look at everyone's accomplishments. Quite honestly, as I mentioned on IG, my 2020 goal is to reduce output. I have no place to store quilts!

  8. You have so many wonderful projects here. I really like Nat's Cousin mini and the temperature quilt. I look forward to your highlights post. I too separated my "best of: and highlights post. I will be publishing mine tomorrow.

  9. Great finishes, I love all of the quilts! I am excited to see some hanging at QuiltCon in Feb. Thanks for linking up!

  10. It is nice to look back and see what was achieved. You have certainly been productive. Well done.

  11. Such a delight to see your body of work. I really love the vibrant color in your Maximalist from 2018.


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