Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Birds and The Bees Giveaway

My friend Kathleen is having a giveaway on her blog at Doodles and Designs.  You could win 9 fat quarters of The Birds and The Bees, just released by Tula Pink so go pay her a visit.  You can also check out the entire line at Intrepid Thread

Dog Pics and Blog Pics

Not a stitch of sewing this weekend for me so instead of progress, I'll share a picture of the pups.
Dottie and her pillow, Chase
I've mentioned how my dogs are camera shy, especially Chase who leaves the room the minute I power it on. Well, I asked my son to see if he could figure out how to silence all of the nerve-wracking beeps and viola - problem solved.  Late last night in the pitch black I took this one.  Dottie has always used Chase as her pillow and he doesn't ever seem to mind. 

The second step to having just learned how to add tabs to my blog is underway - the hunting down of photos to put on the pages!  One of the main reasons that I started blogging was to better chronicle my creations and this process has reinforced that decision.  I can figure out what I made in 2012 and some of 2011  thanks to flickr but the rest is a blur... I hope you'll have a browse. Let me know what you like best!


  1. Thanks for promoting my giveaway Karen!
    Your tabs are really cool and I love your flickr slideshow. I know I need to improve my blog and all your upgrades just made me realize it even more.

  2. Dogs, kids, quilts make the world such a nice place! :-). I like the tab idea, not sure hen I'll get to that, up I bet it's easier if I get going sooner rather than later!

  3. Love your style and fabric choices. I think we have something in common with our color/fabric schemes. I'm also trying to figure out and photograph projects to get them up on my blog. And my cat is a lot like your dog. Knows every time the camera is turned on.


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