Saturday, July 28, 2012

Amazed and Inspired: Sidewalk to Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with friends at the de Young museum in San Francisco in awe of The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit Sidewalk to Catwalk.  If you live in the area, I highly recommend that you go to see it.

By far the best display I've seen - a FUN artistic, interactive experience - like Disneyland for grown ups.

The clothes were stunning; the beads, buttons, leather, ribbon, the mix of knit and tulle. 

Each and every garment was clever and crafted to perfection.

There is just no way to even pick favorites.  Which is yours?

Coo Cooing Model adorned in Feathers
A tad bit eerie at first when the mannequins eyes shifted to look at me with a subtle twitch of the mouth and it was a little silly that it felt rude to walk away from Jean Paul while he was talking.

I started to take a video of the coo cooing model adorned in feather singing to me and then found out I wasn't allowed - oops. 

    Luckily you can check out this video for yourself - REALLY, I insist.

I'm not usually a star struck kind of gal, but it was exciting to see celebrity Red Carpet couture gowns in person. 

Because "I heart the '80s" the flashback to Madonna music videos was a blast.  Who else could make famous a pointy bra and pull off a fashion trend of wearing underwear on the outside?
Love these shoes

The photos from my phone do not do the justice.

This was one of those times when I wish I had a smart phone and instagram...

...maybe someday.


There were many wonderful sketches although they too were difficult to photograph.  We sat for a bit and watched the huge screen showing scenes from various movies - although I must admit, The Fifth Element was the only one I recognized and that's only because I live in a house with all boys.

I was just amazed by the overwhelming by the attention to detail and could have walked through two or three times to find new things to discover.

A Little Side Trip

On the way home we stopped at Harley Farms to pet the goats and taste some cheese. Here are a few bits I bought - this morning we ate Lavender Honey with our breakfast, yum

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