Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goals and Tabs


Finish A-Long

The Pre-Third Quarter FAL Linky Party is open at Quilter in the Gap and I am once again setting my sights at even more than Q2 four out of six and all three Q1  completed.  Nine projects - ambitious or insane. 

They are in no particular order:  Old Italian Block (O.I.B.), Polaroids, Alpaca pillow, Tassels, Quilts for Kid, Swoon, Row Robin, Sewing Room pillow and Crazy Bento.

Blog Layout=WIP

Another goal that I've set for myself it to improve the blog layout so it's officially become my newest Work in Progress WIP.  I've been posting pretty often averaging over a dozen each month since I started in March.  Before things get too out of hand, I want to learn a few tricks to control how it looks and is organized.  This morning I figured out how to add pages and tabs finally - yeah! I will expand bit by bit and sort. Thanks for hangin' in there with me and stopping by!  What tips do you have for keeping a blog tidy?


  1. oh you ARE ambitious!! Good luck on your projects as well as your blog layout. The tabs really help organize things, don't they!?

  2. Your batting average is better than mine, for sure! It took me well over a year to figure out pages and tabs (which I have yet to use to my advantage)! I am most definitely inspired by your commitment to your blog and the projects about which you share!


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