Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zakka week #17

Two weeks in a row for me is quite a change of pace for the Zakka Sew along - I wish I had 17 projects to show for it but at least I have one more as of tonight.  The Delightful Linen Bag designed by Mette Robl.
another Zakka project complete
So often I spend more time choosing which direction to go than I do actually making things.  Tonight was one of those nights. My first pull was soft pink Curio, cream lace, roses on the trim and pearl buttons... very old fashioned and it didn't feel like me.
Inside Lining folded Up and Over
I'm not a fan of bias tape although I keep collecting packets of it from the thrift store and someday will learn to control it better with practice.  Mostly it was because I adore the lining fabric and really wanted it for the top edging that I decided to modify the pattern and simply fold up and over instead of attaching tape.  This method was new for me and it worked great!

The only leather lace I own is black and I would have preferred tan but used it anyway.   I've misplaced my interfacing so I used scrap warm and natural which I am in no short supply of and really need to create projects to use it up. The participants in this Sew Along seems to embrace making do and changing things up as desired and I appreciate that freedom.
A few favorite buttons

Earlier this week a snagged a grab bag of buttons at the thrift store and here are a few of my favorite.  I was tempted to use the red one especially since the dark rim would help the leather fit in but I have a larger purse in mind for it.

Linking up to  LRStitched for Zakka Sew Along - did you see that I was the lucky winner in the drawing last week?  So Thrilled!!  Check out host Sukie and her version of the bag and all of the link ups.


  1. Hey - congrats on your win! That was awesome! And fun little bag you made - good idea to use the lining to trim too!

  2. I love the make-do approach - it encourages innovation and originality. Lovely little pouch you've made and brilliant idea with the binding.

  3. Congratulations on winning! I thought about using the lining fabric as the trim -- and will do that on the next one. It would be much easier than working with the narrow bias tape suggested. Thrift stores are great for finding sewing notions!

  4. What a great little bag. Great fabric choices!

  5. Your pouch turned out so cute. This was one of the project I wanted to make, but haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks so much for linking up to my hallway post!


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