Friday, July 6, 2012

Kona Bundle Contest -Capitola Sea Wall and O.I.B

Azure, Ash, Banana, Avocado, Coal,Bone, Teal, Turquoise
 Fluffy Sheep Quilting is having a Kona giveaway and I've entered Capitola SeaWall for fun, voting is open for one week starting the 9th.

my sketch used to paint the tile
The center picture is of the ceramic tile that was installed on the esplanade as part of a  Community Project by the Art & Cultural Commission.  I wanted something unique to our city so I went with the zip code and designed it to look as though 95010 is propped in the sand with our names drawn in sand.
Installed tile - top row center

The foreground is a glimpse of the real seawall tiles and a peak at Moss Landing stacks is on the horizon - just like on a clear day. If you are ever in the neighborhood, take a stroll and check out the tiles.

I chose the Kona colors because they feel like summer in a lazy day sort of way.

Old Italian Block - OIB

seven down... 125 to go....  Progress was slow but I am please with the marriage of tradition and modern for this wedding quilt. With literally everything cut on the bias, it's a snails pace to avoid stretching.  I'm sure once I get a few under my belt I'll figure out some time saving tips.
Of course I could have taken the author Anita Grossman Soloman's advise and starched or paper pieced, but I didn't. The directions are really terrific in the book Rotary Cutting Revolution and I love how it trims down so easily appearing to line up for the secondary pattern.

If I had chosen to make it in all batik I'm sure it wouldn't be as difficult but then I wouldn't be able to use all of my yummy modern designer fabric. My goal is to not only finish by the wedding reception but to complete the quilt and enter it for our MQG show in September.

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  1. Very cool about the tiles! Love your personalized one too. and wow - that new project looks like it needs concentration! It'll be beautiful though!

  2. Great about the tiles! Good lucky with the contest. And the quilt is going to be stunning. The idea of all that bias-cut fabric would give me the shakes, though.

  3. I love the Old Italian block. Do you have an extension table on your machine or is it in a cabinet? You get less stretching when the fabric stays flat for the whole trip through the machine. I sometimes set my tension a little looser when there are a lot of bias seams too.

  4. that oil is pretty neat! can't wait to see all of them together!

  5. Love this block. You should really try non-aerosol Niagra liquid starch. It's only $2.00 at Walmart and really makes all the difference in the world on accuracy in piecing. I buy 3-4 bottles at a time and starch ALL my fabric before I cut it.

  6. Your OIB blocks are looking so good together, already! The extra effort to combine fabric types is going to be worth it, for sure.
    Love how you used your Capitola Sea Wall tile to inspire your color palette. It's a good one!

  7. I followed your tutorial and it works. You can use 2 inch strips instead of 2.5. That worked just fine. I also suggest when you are squaring up your 4.5 inch blocks to make two piles, one that will be wonky to the left, and one that will be wonky to the right. When you're squaring up, tip your ruler to the left for the first two cuts off the side and leave 1/2 inch background fabric at each corner so you have at least a 1/4 inch when you sew them together. (Also, the angle of wonkiness won't be that extreme if you leave that much background fabric. When I was leaving closer to a 1/4 inch my blocks were really tilted.) If you have two piles, you can square one pile up all to the left, and then the other pile to the right so you have enough going each direction. At first I was just doing it nilly willy and didn't have enough of each direction. What a fun block! Thanks so much for the great tutorial!!!

  8. This is great. I love what u have done here. I'm gonna have to check that book out.

  9. This is great. I love what u have done here. I'm gonna have to check that book out.

  10. This is great. I love what u have done here. I'm gonna have to check that book out.


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