Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swoon gets Stars

Swoon Stars
Progress - hooray.  After a blazing start with Swoon six months ago- choosing the fabric pairing (fun), chatting it up on the QAL group (fun)... I hit a major road block and locked it away in a project container.  Honestly, I had not enjoyed myself and my seam ripper had gone into overtime - let's just say I was pretty much "over it". Three blocks were complete but there was no way I would survive another six.  But, I put it on my FALQ3 mosaic and made a promise to come up with a plan.  
One more block had been cut out and just needed to be pieced. It went together relatively easy although I still found the poor print quality difficult to distinguish parts illustrated in two shades of gray frustrating.  The pdf version is apparently in color which I would have opted for had I known. Doesn't it look as if a copy machine was low on toner?
Normally I don't like to read blogs with an overly negative tone and avoid writing those kinds of posts, but I feel the urge to vent. A 3 1/2 and a 3 7/8 square should not appear exactly the same on the pattern - it messed with my mind. 

Block #4
Adding stars to the layout seemed like a good idea and so far I'm pretty pleased.  I ran out of Kona and either misplaced or used up all of one fabric but at least there is progress with an end in sight. The quilt will be smaller than I'd like unless I add a border so we will see where it's headed.
the start of some stars

WIP Weekly Status Update:

Polaroid Swap (75 done and 60 mailed)
Low Volume Swap (cut and mailed)
Blog pages (added pictures)
Swoon (yeah - progress) 
Wedding Quilt - Old Italian block (no progress)
Alpaca Pillow (no progress)
Not your Granny's Bee (no progress)
Patchwork Prism QAL  (no progress)
Modern Scrappy Bits swap (almost time for partners)

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  1. Oh frustrating when projects don't quite go to plan! However I love how you've adapted the Swoon quilt to include some stars! That's going to look lovely!

  2. Yes! Quilting should be fun -- no reason to beat your head against a troublesome block. I love your solution, the little stars are perfect.

  3. Can I ever relate! I also bought the printed pattern and the quality was horrendous!I basically had to colour in the parts myself. Good money poorly spent on my part. I did manage to finally finish 4 blocks though. I love that you added stars! Great idea.

  4. oh you so should have told Camille about the pattern. That IS disappointing! But you are coming up with a great solution to still use the blocks & it looks great!

  5. I agree with Debbie about telling Camille. And your solution of making fewer Swoon blocks and adding stars is going be awesome!

  6. It's going to be gorgeous, no matter what you do! Love the colors!!

  7. I like the added stars. It looks great! I'm still learning the ropes of quilting and Swoon is certainly out my ability range. Kudos to you for trying it!

  8. I love your version with the stars, it will stand out against all the other Swoons in the world :)

  9. The stars are fun! You should see my pattern for swoon - I've colored and recolored it so many times!

  10. I'm loving this stars, I think this is a great plan!

  11. I'm with the others - tell Camille. She'd send you the PDF in a heartbeat, I'm sure. A little late for that, but it doesn't hurt to give her the constructive feedback.

    Love the stars - what a great idea!

  12. I totally understand the "so over it" of quilting! I put my Swoons away and have just pulled them back out to quilt and work on finishing a quilt I just knew I would love...but have had an on again/off again relationship with!

    Yours...is amazing and I loved reading your post!

  13. Your quilt looks lovely - love the stars in there too!


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