Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP: Same ol' same ol' - but many more

Is it Wednesday again?? I've been up to the same ol' same ol' but more of it.  My Polaroid swap count is up to 50 - crazy. Sign Ups are still OPEN.  These little blue chairs seemed appropriate for Kati from the blue chair guest post for WIP for Lee this week and the swim trunks were super fun to fussy cut.
O.I.B. growing slowly

More swap blocks

If only the Old Italian blocks (O.I.B.) would multiply like rabbits the way the Polaroids do, I'd be set.  Tally is 27 from 7 and I've got to pick up the pace to complete the quilt on time.

I was distracted with Fluffy Sheep Quilting's Kona bundle contest - vote for me - I'm #23 in the cool category!

Focus. Focus.

My blog layout has been officially added to the WIP list because it really needs some TLC before it becomes a junk drawer of data.

Linking up to WIP at Freshly Pieced. That's what I've been up to - how about you?


  1. Fun blocks, it is so easy to get distracted with all the great stuff to see on quilters blogs isn't it? Your work is coming along very nicely, I like your use of fabrics too.

    Happy Sewing

  2. Love seeing your projects in the works. They are all so beautiful! And they look like fun to work on.

  3. love your little blocks, I must confess!


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