Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BeeSewcial blocks

One block for Di is complete. Taking a concept to reality is incredibly satisfying when it happens. Pushing myself creatively and technically to this level is rare.  I'm grateful to be part of the BeeSewcial group. Works out well that my top two items on the New Years Resolution list was: improv and solids. 
BeeSewcial Block One
The inspiration image for the April bee block had a color palette that I gravitated to immediately.  The request for circle, oval curved shapes came very timely having just taken Rossie's pebble class at QuiltCon.   I sewed it on Sunday and couldn't resist adding in a yolk. 
Oversized parts
I knew right away the design element of a reflective nature would be my focus. I sew without pins, start with oversized parts and clean up the usable portion by trimming when I decide where it will live in the composition.  

My improv process takes a long time, makes a huge mess and generates left over parts that become the start of another block.   So much fun and satisfying!
Initial Solids Pull
I was asked on IG about "How I Do it" so here's a bit about the improv oval: I layer two solids right side up and cut then I shift one to see the target seem allowance overlap and adjust the curve on one.

Sometimes I use frixion registration marks as you would for garment sewing on the steep sections and of course basic trial and error. When the joints don't end up where I want them to,  creasing the target seem and restitching is done.

Block Two in process
Joining improv curves on a straightaway is so much easier than at a bend which I should've reminded myself before starting.   The parts for the second are a bit scrambled (Easter egg pun intended).  

Not all of this will make it in and because the juices were flowing with less direction than the first block I've done quite a bit second guessing and over thinking.   Linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social

In case you were wondering about how the Easter basket (tote) from last post went over - check out her expression! 


  1. wow. Wouldn't it be fun to do all this together in person?

  2. Wonderful fotos documenting the designing process ... an awesome result ... a great job ... ;)))

  3. I love this block! I would really like to try more improv quilting, but I somehow feel like I lack the creativity to do it and am overwhelmed. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Allison, You should go for it. It can be overwhelming, had to start and easy to get stuck - wow, that’s not much of a sales pitch is it, ha ha.

      Fun tho! Thanks for stopping by (you came up as a noreply -comment) Karen

  4. Very cool block!

  5. Hey Karen, The blocks look great and I love your process! and your g-daughter is so cute! 'hope to see you at the next meeting! cheers, cw

  6. Your efforts are beautiful! Experimenting with improv is a goal of mine -- you are an inspiration! And your baby girl, perhaps the most beautiful girl in the world. And lucky to have a talented Nana!


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