Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Me being Subtle and a WIP

For some people using odd, high contrasting color or mixing prints is outside their comfort zone but for me it's the opposite, that's what I tend towards.  Participating in QDAD has helped me reach beyond my initial reaction and I've made a personal goal recently to branch out try my hand at Subtle.

transparency block for Melissa 9.5x9.5
Melissa (weshallsew) requested transparency in cool blues and greens for her BeeSocial block giving me the perfect opportunity to practice.  The bee is also solids based which automatically helps me edit.

Recent QDAD 
Although my morning QDADing over coffee hasn't returned to a routine I have managed to continue designing and commenting when I can.  My iPhone is so handy that I sit at my computer less when I'm at home which is where I create them - and my blog posts - so both have been sporadic. 

Finished Bee Social blocks for Di
The bee blocks for Di  , (random thoughts do or di), left me "creatively spent" (in a good way).  Sewing up a project that is quick and repetitive was just what I needed to regain balance. 
parts on the design wall
May I present my latest WIP, "Fibbing"  It is a result of the colliding of two worlds: my prepping for the Fibonacci workshop with Pam Rocco and my playing around with fabric from Carol Van Zandt's upcoming line Luna Lounge.
one way to go that I didn't 
At first I was ONLY going to cut my strips for class Saturday since I can't stay the whole time - and one thing led to another and you know, I just couldn't stop!  Deviating from a pattern doesn't always play out.  In the photo above you can see that I attempted to mix scale at the line.  The alignment isn't as bothersome when they are different (see first picture) but here it felt too awkward and I ditched the idea.
the underside 
Don't you love the underside of Luna Lounge too?  The open seams and the sliver peak of two fabrics, yum.  My other quilt in the gray color way is finished and named so stay tuned for that reveal.

my loot
Button, Button, who's got the button - ME.  Thanks to Marci on IG and the after-the-fact Quiltcon Pin Swap.  I've slowly but surely been trying to find everyone on IG.  If you're there and I'm not following you let me know what your IG name is, I'm capitolaquilter.

Next month is Marci's turn for Bee Sewcial and I can't wait to see what direction she'll be challenging us with!

Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  She's been at Sewtopia (jealous - and happy for her!)


  1. Good for you to be challenging yourself to design, and especially push yourself with that transparency block. It looks great, and I can see there would be a bit of a learning curve with that one. I presume you're designing on Illustrator. Yes? That's one program I wish I had, and that I had kept up with updated versions. Your QuiltCon pin collection is impressive. I'm sorry we didn't meet-up at QuiltCon and have a chance to swap. Maybe I'll finally meet you at a future one. Right now plans are to go to Savannah in '17.

  2. There is a lot of lovely work happening at your house!

  3. The blocks look great!! Fibbing is going to be a stunning quilt, beautiful fabrics.


  4. The transparency blocks are great. Really interesting. I tend toward the bright and loud too. But low contrast can be quite soothing! cheers!


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