Friday, April 24, 2015

ALYoF April and Origami pouches

Done - Complete - Finished 

Amy Loves Kisses, delivered
There's nothing like the feeling of a finish, on time and delivered. I took it back to my sister and she loved it.  Linking up to ALYoF April goal party with a reference back to my goal setting post here. 
Amy's Backside 
One less WIP for her and a finished goal for me. That's a win win.  This is also the first of four 2015 FAL Q2 projects and a happy Finish It Up Friday too.

Charity Pouches for Pooches 

Origami Pouch - pieced version 
Last week I got together with my small quilt group the Fabric Hounds.  In the past we've donated quilts for a local auction event.  This year instead of one big collaborative item, they decided to make up several smaller things.  I volunteered to make all of the coordinating pouches to go along with the animal shaped coin purses they are sewing.  Yes I'm making more things but it still feels like the long end of the stick because these are a breeze. 
Finished Sides
We picked out fabrics for me to take home but the pretty V and Co Simply Color scraps weren't big enough.  I pieced them into an 18" square, problem solved.  Stitching along the sides make the inside seams are a little bulky with the extra layers but it looks nicely finished.   It really is a clever way to avoid raw edges.

Puppy Pouch 
Because I left the pattern on the counter when I walked out the door I referred to the YouTube video by Debbie Shore. I've got a couple more "modification" ideas bouncing around to try out.


  1. Congrats on meeting your April ALYOF goal! Lovely work!

  2. yay for your finish for your sis! Lovely.

  3. Super pretty quilt and very cool bag/puches! Well done!

  4. Love your quilt, especially the pieced backing. Congratulations on your finish.


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