Friday, April 3, 2015

QDAD Medallion Week

Retro TV

Medallion week on #QDAD has been a lot of fun and an interesting challenge. Although some of the spark palettes have been similar, others are very different and recoloring the same design before adding the next border is a whole new deal. 


The changing scale and level of busyness  has presented an opportunity to fill in the same color choice creating the illusion of omitting or altering a design element.  

Southwestern Midcentury Modern Fusion 

The version above I'm kind of in love with but it might be because it would translate well with Tokyo Trainride. 

No Wonder I liked the Spark palette 

I had to dip into my layer cake and show you what I mean. 

Sweet Tooth 

I managed to only come up with a clever name once with "pigtails" from a girly tea party spark.  Using two colors very similar for a near bleed out draws me to this one.

Hope you'll check out Quilt Design A Day on Facebook and design along with us.  

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