Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter basket (tote) & Medallion finale

Photoshoot Finish
On my to do list for some time now was to sew an Easter basket for my granddaughter.   The day before sounds reasonable, right?  
Initial Fabric Pull
Even though it's all about the bunnies, pairing designers is what makes me happy.  In this rare occasion all of the pull made it in plus a solid. 
Inside and Out
I could've made my own but the pink bias tape from the thrift store worked just fine.
Every tote needs a pocket
The straps are especially long because she carries things on her shoulder. I thought about cutting a round piece for the bottom for a bucket shape. Instead I tucked the tips in and tacked them down.

It's hard to capture the lining - here's a glimpse.  Quilting soft and stable was like butter.  Loved doing the accent on the straps again from the cargo duffle pattern          

Medallion Week day 7

Medallion week came to an end with row 7 and a modified row 6.  The really strong center needed a softer outer and the dots in the corners felt imbalanced without bringing in the repeats on the other ones. 
QDAD Medallion Week finale

I called it "stretching my limits"  My favorite part was recoloring those horizontal wedges.

Happy Easter ! 


  1. Super sweet basket - have a fun day!

  2. The basket came together beautifully. :)

  3. Oooh! I have some of that bunny fabric--your post is complete inspiration for me! Thanks so much for showing this completely cute bag--well done! I hope she liked it.

  4. That's an amazing design! Cute basket!


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