Monday, August 20, 2012

Family, Friends and a near Finish

Usually I keep the blogging focused on quilting but today I thought I'd add some pictures taken at the wedding reception on Saturday.  It was a beautiful celebration for a very special couple on a gorgeous day and a lot of fun. 
Here's my hubby and I late in the evening. Not sure why I look to be falling down, I didn't drink that much despite the open bar and endless cocktail options!

These are our boys (I mean, young men) with their lovely girlfriends who we adore.  It was really special to all be together enjoying the festivities.

These little jars were filled with cheesecake, chocolate and lemon, yum. I love the stamped fabric and hang tags - a good idea to store away and use in the future.
We all came home with succulents from the table decorations too. I picked mine based on the container rather than the plant because it has no hope of surviving poor thing.

A Near Finish

Because the wedding quilt isn't finished, I wrapped up an OIB square with a note about the design and a promise to have it complete before their first anniversary. On Sunday I managed to sew the rest of the top together.

Here's my attempt tonight to take a picture of it on my Queen bed while standing on a chair...

Pattern from Rotary Cutting Revolution
Here's a close up to show the variety of fabrics used, go figure...lots of Kaffe Fassett.    Although some joints matched up better than others, I'm happy with the overall visual and glad I didn't make myself crazy with perfection.

The enlarged size was a bit more work but worth it to make a true Couples Quilt. I am going to toss around ideas for the backing before committing. Right now I'm leaning towards green batik because I used only a hint of that color in the top.  The binding will be some of the dark used and possibly scrappy.

There are a few swaps that have deadlines creeping up and I'll be directing my time to those for a bit.

Thanks for stopping by... hope you'll say hi.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a stunning quilt.

    Glad you had fun.

    It will be interesting to see what backing that lovely quilt gets and how it will be quilted.

  2. What fun - nice to see pics of your family. And the quilt - wow! It's quite striking and BIG! Are you going to quilt it yourself?

  3. You look so happy!
    And, so glad that you decided to make the quilt larger - a true couples quilt as you said! OIB is truly a beauty and will make a wonderful gift for the newly weds. Nice job!

  4. Awesome quilt, Karen. And, you and your hubs are just so darn cute!!


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