Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP= Scrap Patch + OIB

This week I made progress on OIB, my several weeks running WIP but first I want to share something new. I took time out to sew up the 4 BOMs for Monday's PVQA meeting. 
These Scrap Patch blocks are biggies and boy did I want to keep them for myself!  Notice my stash rack on the left for a little perspective of their size. 
The winners were given all the left over scraps and a copy of Pam Rocco's pattern (for sale at SueDee's).  As you may recall, I picked one up during Shop Hop by The Bay along with a complimentary fat quarter stack.
scrappy notch border detail
I just love the variety of scale in it mixing the chunky areas and tiny bits too.  Using odd fabric with bold colors and a carefree approach is right up my alley.
Pam shares her quilt at SBAMQG August meeting
I'm so lucky to have the talented and inspiring Pam Rocco as part of my local quilting community.  For years I admired her quilts at PIQF and patterns in Quilter's Newsletter never expecting to one day meet her and become friends.  Browsing, I've discovered several must do patterns,  Lure of Linen in an older issue from Jan/Feb 2008 simple and striking and more recently Pants Pocket and Cinco de Mayo top my list on their Free Patterns link.

OIB size in question - help!

My OIB square count is now at 103 sewn and trimmed of the 132 target. I'm revisiting my decision to enlarge the pattern and honestly don't know if it's because I'm burning out or genuinely concerned about the visual effect of the change.  I have plenty already cut out.

stack of 51 Light and 52 Dark
Adding more rows will cause the squares to appear smaller with a slightly busier overall look because of the modified ratio. It's pretty darn busy already and a huge appeal of this design is the successful light/dark optical illusion play in it which I'm nervous to mess with!
Plenty more are cut and ready to chain piece
The ten by eleven layout on the pattern makes a 70x76 quilt with a 5" border but I don't want a border... so I'm left with a 60x66 quilt or my modified version with an eleven by twelve layout to get 66x72.   It is a wedding quilt for a couple so I intended to go larger - what do you think is better?

Social Networking

In a bit of fun news, a couple of days ago Aurifil posted my Starred Swoon on their facebook page. Of course I was clueless since I don't have a FB account, but thanks to a comment on my blog I found out and got to see.  Love, Love that thread and use it exclusively now. My new machine likes to be spoiled and so do I. I've only used 50wt but am wanting to explore the others. I've also had a ton of visitors to the blog thanks to Perfect Picture Polaroid swap and my tutorial link. The swap closed today with 100 members, 70ish participants and we'll find out how many blocks very soon. 

Linking up to WIP at Freshly Pieced where Cindy from Live a Colorful Life is the guest blogger this week.  I've been enjoying reading The Name Game on her blog.

WIP Weekly Status Update:

Swoon (done) 
Wedding Quilt - Old Italian block (103 blocks done)
Quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids (most parts done)
Modern Scrappy Bits swap (partner assigned)
Secret Partner MQG pillow swap (partner assigned)
F+F=AMSB 2 Solids in Puzzle (no progress)
Alpaca Pillow (no progress)
Not your Granny's Bee (no progress)

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  1. Funny, I was just wrestling with this idea and blogged about it - is bigger always better?
    In your case, were you planning that they use the quilt on their bed? If so, I think you have to go bigger to make it work. Usually, I make my decisions based on aesthetics, so the look of the quilt would be primary, but you have a special situation here where you also have to consider the purpose of the quilt.
    I look forward to seeing your completed work - this quilt is gorgeous and it's not finished yet!

  2. The balance of aesthetics and functionality is exactly what I'm wrestling with. My intention is to have it as a cuddle together on the couch quilt for two. Thanks for the input


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