Monday, August 20, 2012

OIB final layout

I could have spent weeks shuffling around the block.  Playing with placement is one of my favorite steps especially when the results vary so much like in the Old Italian Block, from the book Rotary Cutting Revolution.

After a couple of days of fiddling the final layout was decided, number/alpha tagged and stacked off of the design wall.  This is the photo I used to print for reference just in case I mixed up strips or got confused.

It's a bit unnerving when the parts are off the wall and I kind of hold my breath until they are back together again.  What system do you use to keep it all straight?  Hope your weekend was enjoyable.


  1. It is beautiful! If I can, I leave it up on the wall during assembly, lots of up & down (for me!). Even still I usually mix up a pair or two.

  2. I just love this quilt!! I bring the first 2 vertical rows to the machine and sew them and then go back and get one more row at a time and sew it on. I like a photo to double check in case I think I mixed up something. There are times when I have to take the whole thing down so I can use the wall for something else and then I clip the rows together with binder clips at the top and cut up calendar pages for numbers.

  3. That quilt is stunning! I sew everything in blocks. How do I keep the blocks organized? Before I start sewing a block, I always take a photo of it on my camera phone. It helps me keep everything straight. I seriously couldn't quilt without my phone (as odd as that sounds).


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