Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favs and Following Blogs

They may seem random and they kind of are... but these are a few of my favorite things from flickr this week.  I couldn't figure out how to include the links to the original creators here but they can be found by clicking here.
I hope that you'll be flattered that f I've included a photo of your work, 
however, if you'd prefer that I didn't my apologies. Please email and I'll remove it.

I always enjoy seeing mosaics of favs like on In Color Order and have only made them a couple of times.  That's going to change because it's a great way to remind myself of projects that have inspired me without the distraction of browsing around aimlessly.  A quick and easy resource for that "oh, that's right - I was going to make that pattern or try that technique". 

Following Blogs

Because I love following blogs and am discovering new ones every day, I keep adding them to my Google Reader.  So here's the dilemma - when is it too many to read and will I get to the point that I'll have to stop following? I'd be curious to know how many are on your list and how you decide.

Granny Progress

All of my strips are cut and the white background is joined ready to cut and sew.  Here's a mock up so I could get an idea of value placement of my swap blocks.  I had to do a bit of ripper action because my original layout had three dark purples that created an unintended stripe. I like this better.

My Hulu Queue is filled with mindless shows to quilt by - yeah.  Let me know what you've been up to and inspired by lately...


  1. I am constantly adding blogs to my reader! Just for fun, I started counting...quit counting when I reached 200! Maybe I'd better prioritize a bit better!

  2. I had to count, as I'm like you - I see one I like and I add it to Reader. I have 129. So far I can keep up, but some that post several times a day (Pat Sloan and Bonnie Hunter) get a bit overwhelming and I have to go into them and "Mark all as read".

  3. I trim my list pretty routinely, but am always adding more too. It seems I can keep caught up on email or my reader...rarely both! ;-/

  4. Right now I have 115 blogs in my reader, and I find when it gets to 120 it takes dedication to stay on top of it, and is out of control if I go out of town for a few days, or am otherwise distracted from reading my blogroll. Then, while I'm really feeling the need to pare down, as I read through amassed posts, I pay attention to the ones that are more annoying than inspiring, and I delete those subscriptions. Maybe the writer's just too repetitive or whining, or I've seen enough of her style, and I know it may be a temporary condition, but that's time to make room to try some other blogs.
    (Like Colleen, I don't always read all of BH!)
    On the other hand, some are favorites, like yours!

  5. I'm following 130 blogs. I have a lot of reading time right now, so I have found that this is about the right number. A few more might be good. I don't really read the ones that don't have pictures in google reader...maybe 10 of those? If it starts to become too much I will go in and trim, but haven't had to yet

  6. I follow a lot of blogs and honestly, I just don't feel bad if I don't get the chance to read and/or comment. Sometimes I will have a bunch of posts to read from one person so I'll read all at the same time. It's tough to not let the blog reading be in charge of you! LOL


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